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These were created to have the most impact on my own humility project. Yours may be a little different so feel free to use my model and make it your own.

  1. Humility is hard to offend, easy to please. I will not spin cycles over perceived insult or lack of appreciation. I will practice outward shows of gratitude for every kindness, grace and act of service done onto me.
  2. Humility doesn’t do the hustle. I am enough. I have enough.I will rejoice and be glad in my faults. When I am tempted to hustle for my self-worth, I will accept the sufficiency of grace over the false promise of performance. When I am feeling tired, anxious and overwhelmed I will stop and rest in the stillness, presence, and peace of God knowing I have chosen better and it will not be taken from me.
  3. Humility carries an unlimited mercy card. I will not only practice kindness to strangers but also forgiveness to loved ones. We sometimes give our kindness to strangers, reserving our worst selves for those we love and who love us most. I will respect my soft places to fall, treating them tenderly. I will remember we are all doing the best we can. When I don’t feel I did my best or got the best, I will choose to believe in and for the best.
  4. Humility is thoroughly knowledgeable that it knows very little. I want to speak less and listen more. “The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds.” JFK. I will remember how little I know before judging or projecting my limited insight and discernment onto any situation or person. If I’m feeling mighty in wisdom or high in accomplishment, I will look to the heavens as a reminder of my need for meeknes to divine will, wisdom, law, creation and others.
  5. Humility asks only for daily bread. The future belongs to God. The past is locked. The present is all I have and I have everything I need in that moment. When tempted to fret and ponder the outcome of my labors and intentions, I will refer to habit #2. When tempted to sloth, I will remember the Marcus Aurelius quote: “Do not act as if you have one-thousand years to live,” to remind me that I do not live on bread alone.
  6. Humility airs no humble opinions, but shares humble experiences. Please let me die to my opinions and replace IMHO (in my humble opinion) with IMHE (in my humble experience). I am not my opinion and my opinion doesn’t matter (see habit #4). My true value lies in fostering connection and adding meaning and value to the lives of others. I want to connect with others through offering who I am and how I can serve rather than what I think.
  7. Humility sees good in all men, seeks goodwill for all men, speaks highest of all men. I will look for the highest in all men knowing all are fearfully and wonderfully made. I will remember that I can do nothing to others that I do not do unto myself. I will use my talents, time and treasure to promote the advancement, love, and peace of humanity. May the words of my mouth be fruitful, speaking life and blessing over my neighbor both in my heart and in the presence of others. I will remember that we are all the least of these, mightiest through humility, greatest in service to others.
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